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Manual Carton Box Stitching Machine Small Factory Simple Operation

Manual Carton Box Stitching Machine Small Factory Simple Operation

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    Manual Carton Box Stitching Machine


    Simple Operation Carton Box Stitching Machine

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    Machinery & Hardware
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    CE ISO
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    1 SET
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    5-8 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    1 set per 30 days

Manual Carton Box Stitching Machine Small Factory Simple Operation

Carton Box Stitching Machine Description

The manual nail box machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for the back cover of cartons. It can drive nails into the bottom and corners of cartons through pedal or manual operation to make the cartons stronger. The advantages of the manual nail box machine are simple structure, convenient operation, low cost, suitable for small carton factories or express companies.

The detailed introduction of the manual nail box machine is as follows:

The structure of the manual nail box machine is: mainly composed of nail head, supporting arm, driving motor, transmission clutch, body and foot switch. The driving motor is generally 0.5 kilowatts, using single-stage or double-stage V-belt transmission power, and has only one speed ratio with the motor. When working, the motor runs, but when the foot switch is not pressed, the transmission clutch does not act, the nail head is not nailed, a nail box is needed, the cardboard is manually supported, the switch is pressed, the clutch is turned on, the nail head moves, and the nails are cycled. The more complicated part of this machine is the nail head and the mechanical clutch. 1

The manual nail box machine is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, good wear resistance, smooth sealing, safety and firmness, and can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. 2

The scope of application of the manual nail box machine is that it is widely used in the sealing of various cartons and calcium-plastic boxes that need to be loaded with heavy items or that are not easy to seal with adhesive tape. 1234

The operating procedures of the manual nail box machine are:

The operation of the nailing machine must be certified.
Check before operation: Manually pull the V-belt connecting the motor and the machine to observe whether the punch is flexible up and down, whether there is oil leakage, etc.
Test run: Turn on the switch to run, then step on the foot switch, listen to whether the sound is normal, and ensure that there is no abnormality before starting the machine.
During the operation, hold the front of the carton with your right hand and pull it forward, and hold the other end with your left hand to help the right hand stabilize. When the right hand pulls forward and moves, the left hand generally does not move. When a particularly large product needs to be moved with the left hand, it should also be at a distance from the punch. The falling position should stop at 40 cm.
During the work, the product must be put away with both hands and moved to a safe position before stepping on the foot switch to work.
Chatting, playing, and other distracting behaviors are prohibited at work, and you must concentrate on operating production.
When the equipment fails to be repaired, "maintenance, no power on" must be displayed, the main power supply must be turned off, and special personnel must be arranged to be on duty.
It is forbidden for any non-professional maintenance personnel to repair or modify the machine without authorization.
After the work is over, turn off the power and carry out daily maintenance and "7S" work.



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