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250s / Min Corrugated Carton Box Stitching Machine Easy Operation

250s / Min Corrugated Carton Box Stitching Machine Easy Operation

  • High Light

    Carton Box Stitching Machine Color optional


    corrugated stitching machine Color Optional


    250s/Min Carton Box Stitching Machine

  • Usage
    2460 Carton Box Stitching Machine
  • Name
    Carton Box Stitching Machine
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Color
  • Speed
  • Function
    Stapling Box
  • Type
    Packaging Machine
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1 set per 30 days

250s / Min Corrugated Carton Box Stitching Machine Easy Operation

250s / Min Corrugated Carton Box Stitching Machine Easy Operation
Carton Box Stitching Machine Overview

  • KS series Carton Box Stitching Machine is pain staking designed by combing the advantages of the same products at home and abroad which has the advantages such as novel appearance, gentle movement, stable operation, firm stapling and long service life.
  • This machine is the last line of corrugated carton forming.
  • With the high speed rod, the bottom of the mold never wear, it is an essential part of carton manufacturer of specialized equipment.
  • KS系列纸箱钉箱机是结合国内外同类产品的优点而设计的钉箱机,具有外形新颖,动作轻柔,运转平稳,装订牢固,使用寿命长等优点.
  • 本机是瓦楞纸箱成型的最后一道生产线.
  • 采用高速拉杆,模具底部永不磨损,是纸箱生产厂家必不可少的专用设备.

Carton Box Stitching Machine Product Details

  • The head of the machine consisit of electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake, it is characterized with quick repercussion and low noise. All of the parts in this machine have functional interchangeability.
  • This machine has many advantages such as novel appearance, fast action, smooth operation, low noise, pitch tight and service life long. Especially the main components are made precision machining by imports of alloy steel.
  • Under normal circumstances, the life of the machine is 3-5 times longer than the common carton stapler. Over a long-term production and use, it has won great acclaim from the consumers, so it is the advanced equipment for carton packaging production.
  • 机头由电磁离合器和电磁制动器组成,具有反响快,噪音低的特点. 该机器中的所有零件都具有功能互换性.
  • 该机具有外形新颖,动作快捷,运转平稳,噪音低,间距紧凑,使用寿命长等优点. 特别是主要部件均采用进口合金钢精密加工而成.
  • 一般情况下,机器的寿命比普通纸箱订书机长3-5倍. 经过长期的生产和使用,赢得了广大消费者的一致好评,是纸箱包装生产的先进设备.​

Carton Box Stitching Machine Technical parameters:

ModelStapling SpeedStapling ThicknessStretching Length of the holding ArmExterior DimensionWeight
DX-600250 s/min3/5/7 ply600 mm970x400x130085KG
DX-900250 s/min3/5/7 ply900 mm1360x580x1540275kg
DX-1200250 s/min3/5/7 ply1200mm1700x580x1650550kg
DX-1400250 s/min3/5/7 ply1400mm1900x580x1650590kg
DX-1800250 s/min3/5/7 ply1800mm2270x630x1710700kg

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We are a professional supplier of corrugated machinery,including automatic high speed flexo printer slotter die cutters,corrugated board production lines,Rotary die cutters, carton staplers and two ply corrugated board production lines.Along with our development,we have set up our own factories. We are now enlarging our product area to testing equipment and other kinds of packaging machinery.
我们是一家专业的瓦楞机械供应商,包括自动高速柔印开槽模切机,瓦楞纸板生产线,圆压圆模切机,纸箱订书机和两层瓦楞纸板生产线.随着我们的发展,我们建立了自己的工厂 . 我们现在正在扩大我们的产品领域,以测试设备和其他种类的包装机械.
1. Q:Are you the trader or manufacturer?A:we are the manufacturer with export qualification
2. Q:Do you make OEM?A:Yes.herecando
3. Q:Where are your factory located in?A:we are in Dongguang town,Cangzhou city,Hebei,China
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1.问: 你是贸易商还是制造商?答: 我们是有出口资格的制造商
2. Q: 你们做代工吗?A: Yes.herecando
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4. 问: 你们的业务流程是什么? 答: 谈客户要求,确认机器,签订销售合同,支付定金,供应商安排生产,完成生产机器,买方测试机器,买方支付余款,供应商交付机器 .
250s / Min Corrugated Carton Box Stitching Machine Easy Operation 0