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2800mm Carton Box Stitching Machine Box Corrugated Stitcher Paper Carton Making Machine

2800mm Carton Box Stitching Machine Box Corrugated Stitcher Paper Carton Making Machine

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    automatic corrugated box making machine


    semi automatic stitching machine

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    Corrugated Stitcher
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    Carton Forming Machine
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    Automatic Oiling
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    China Hebei
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    1 Set
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    Wrapped in plastic film and placed in wooden box
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    5-8 work days
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    5 Set 30 per days

2800mm Carton Box Stitching Machine Box Corrugated Stitcher Paper Carton Making Machine

Semi Automatic Box Corrugated Stitcher Paper Carton Making Machine


14. After the carton is formed, the length of the upper and lower covers is not neat. The toothed belt is seriously worn up and down, and the gap between the two sides is too large or different. The paper feed is not sent to the baffle for positioning, and the switch is stepped on the nail. The carton pressure line is not deep enough, and the carton is too skewed before being twisted. Maintenance The semi-automatic nail box has a low failure rate and high reliability. Maintenance is very important, so do the following:
1) The upper nail head punches once a day, and the nail head is cleaned and refueled every 30 days.
2) The lower nail head accumulates in the punch due to the small wire plating of the nail line, so it must be cleaned frequently, the nail head must be removed, and the oil is replaced after cleaning.
3) Feeding belt, bolting shaft, left and right bezel, three gears, buttering once in 30 days
4) Clutches and brakes must not have oil or water
5) The servo motor must be kept clean to avoid dust cover. Always clean the servo motor drive cooling filter net.
6) Electrical control box keeps clean and avoids short circuit caused by dust
7) The inner and outer wire spools should be flexible and lubricated with butter.
8) The nail head fixed shaft and the left and right baffle fixed shafts must be cleaned and oil lubricated when moving
9) Upper and lower nail head drive shaft, bolt groove shaft, transmission screw oil lubrication
10) In the power transmission box, the gear and chain are greased for 30 days.

Semi-automatic nail box machine troubleshooting
The nail box is the last production process of carton forming, and its process effect affects the appearance quality of the carton on the one hand, and affects the use performance of the carton on the other hand. From the perspective of production technology, the nail box seems to be a relatively simple process. However, in daily production, it is inevitable to expose some quality problems. Therefore, the technical and quality control of the nail box process cannot be ignored. It is necessary to pay attention to the serious control and control from the aspects of equipment purchase, operation technology and material selection. Better prevent or reduce the chance of quality problems.

In the nail box, it will be found that when the quality of the flat wire is not good, the wire feeding resistance is large, the wire spring is too loose or too tight, the wire fixing screw is loosened, the guide rail is deflected, the gear bite is skewed, and the bottom die is fixed. When the position of the punch is not correct and the bottom mold has obvious wear and the like, the above-mentioned malfunction phenomenon is likely to occur. In this regard, the solution is to use high-quality flat wire with good rigidity and smooth surface coating; check whether the parts of the wire are poorly adjusted and cause jamming; adjust the relevant parts of the machine to make the wire movement easy and comfortable; The serious bottom mold should be repaired or replaced accordingly.


Machine specification


Max size (A+B)X2 3600mm min length A 250 mm
Min size A+B)X2 740mm Max height D 2000 mm
Max size (C+D+C) 3000mm Min height D 150 mm
Min size (C+D+C) 250mm Max flay size E 40 mm
Min cover size C 50mm Max paper heigh 900 mm
Max cover size C 560 mm Machine width 2850 mm
Max width size B 760 mm Machine weight(T) 2tons
Min width size B 120 mm Machine speed (nail/min) 500
Max length A 1120 mm Nail no. 1-99

2800mm Carton Box Stitching Machine Box Corrugated Stitcher Paper Carton Making Machine 0