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Manual Cardboard Carton Box Stitching Forming Stapler Machine

Manual Cardboard Carton Box Stitching Forming Stapler Machine

  • High Light

    automatic corrugated box making machine


    corrugated stitching machine

  • Name
    Manual Cardboard Carton Box Stitching Forming Stapler Machine
  • Feature
    Hardness And Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Power
  • Function
    Corrugated Carton Forming
  • Voltage
  • Automatization
  • Place of Origin
    China Hebei
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wrapped in plastic film and placed in wooden box
  • Delivery Time
    4-6 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    10 Set 20 per days

Manual Cardboard Carton Box Stitching Forming Stapler Machine

Manual Cardboard Carton Box Stitching Forming Stapler Machine



The structure of the ordinary manual nail box machine is mainly composed of a nail head, a support arm, a drive motor, a transmission clutch, a body and a foot switch. The drive motor is generally 0.5 kW, using single-stage or two-stage V-belt transmission power, and has only one speed ratio to the motor. When the motor is running, the clutch does not move when the foot switch is not pressed, the nail head is not nailed, the nail box is needed, the cardboard is manually held, the switch is switched off, the nail head is actuated, and the nail is cycled. The more complicated part of this type of machine is the nail head and mechanical clutch. The most important part in the nose is the punch. As the punch reciprocates up and down, in a very short time (about half a second), the incoming line (including shearing) is pressed, pressed, and suspended. The design travel speed, acceleration and dwell time are different, the time required and the consumable parts are different, which brings difficulties to the manufacturer. The current reciprocating mechanism of the punch has three forms: a cam, an eccentric wheel and an eccentric shaft. The cam type is also called the groove wheel type. The disadvantage is that the machining is slightly difficult. The parts of the machine head are relatively more. Some wearing parts are small in material, but the steel must also be selected. The corresponding heat treatment process is used to improve the endurance and prolong the use. life. Regular maintenance should always be lubricated and kept clean. When purchasing such machines, the main thing is to look at the nail head and body of the manufacturer.

Installation requires editing
Before using the newly purchased nail box machine, you must carefully read the equipment instruction manual to understand the basic structure, performance and usage of the equipment to avoid the blindness of operation. When nailing the box, adjust the position of the main and left and right baffles and the position of the upper and lower nail heads according to the flap of the carton. When adjusting, it should be noted that the left and right baffles cannot be clamped too tightly, but the cardboard can be easily inserted and extracted easily. When the mechanical adjustment is completed, you can touch the screen to set the computer: carton height = original carton height -40mm, carton pin count, carton distance, whether to order reinforcement nails, single piece, double film selection, etc. Nail box can be made.


Main Parameter

Model Stapling Speed Stapling Thickness Stretching Length of the holding Arm Exterior Dimension Weight
DX-600 250 s/min 3/5 ply 600 mm 1100x600x1760 300kg
DX-900 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 900 mm 1400x600x1760 400kg
DX-1200 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1200mm 1700x700x1820 600kg
DX-1400 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1400mm 1900x700x1820 800kg
DX-1800 250 s/min 3/5/7 ply 1800mm 2300x700x1820 1000kg


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