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Die Cutting 1 Colors Corrugated Box Printing Machine With Stacker

Die Cutting 1 Colors Corrugated Box Printing Machine With Stacker

  • High Light

    1 Colors Corrugated Box Printing Machine


    Die Cutting Corrugated Box Printing Machine

  • Printing Color
    1 Colors
  • Printing Precision
  • Printing Quality
    High Resolution
  • Printing Speed
  • Product Name
    Corrugated Box Printing Machine
  • Automatic Grade
  • Voltage
  • After-sales Service Provided
  • Condition
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 Work Days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    1 set 60per days

Die Cutting 1 Colors Corrugated Box Printing Machine With Stacker

Die Cutting 1 Colors Corrugated Box Printing Machine With Stacker


1.Corrugated Box Printing Machine Description:

This Corrugated Box Printing Machine with extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design, as a continuous source of innovation in the packaging industry, its birth undoubtedly stimulated the new vitality of the production process and demonstrated its vigorous vitality.

The ability to directly generate exquisite and gorgeous patterns and characters on corrugated paper undoubtedly greatly improves production efficiency, effectively reduces production costs, and truly meets the burden reduction needs of producers and the actual interests of consumers. Undoubtedly, it has successfully met the growing demands of modern consumers for personalization, and at the same time endowed the products with a more advanced aesthetic taste and brand image, making the products attractive and unique in the market competition.


2.Corrugated Box Printing Machine Feature Advantage:
Feeding Unit
This low-pressure edge-leading delivery system using sdopt, with its unique Chinese original technical characteristics, carefully adjusts the paper feeding space and paper feeding pressure to assist the paper feeding process. The air volume and pressure can be intelligently adjusted according to the size of the paper platen, ensuring the stability and accuracy of paper feeding. In addition, the front set of paper feed rollers adopts pneumatic elastic paper nip rollers. This innovative design not only does not damage the strength of the paper platen, but also effectively removes waste on the printing surface, thereby improving printing quality. In order to optimize the printing process, we have also adopted the air pressure device to electronically adjust the left incision and the back incision, so that the waste can be discharged more precisely at one time, reducing waste and improving production efficiency. In order to meet the different needs of customers for speed, we have set a constant speed for selection, and the speed can be adjusted at any time according to needs, which is convenient and quick to use. In addition, we are also equipped with infrared photoelectric counters to record the order quantity in real time and ensure the accuracy of the order.
Printing Unit
ining aler and diing rler adapthigh gusity stelcompter cinanic balane simnistg the of snte feces.gindsd acs and chene piatsdpostve and negebber roller even ink system: steel pipe face with wearitble rubber,middle part higher the special grinding , perfect for conveying ink(option:scraper even ink system)Ink;user can choose)both run and stop),converter motor drive,change rotating speed of roller as requirement,precision is 0.1mm,quick and conwenient,printing roller moving axially adopttouch screen and eleclrical digiial to adjustadjusting amrange is 10mm.
Thowgh ink ailer gap.srpring presing raler paperteadng oler gap atpt double grade worm wheel box to adlust,gravimetre show diglal.(0-10mm)oovenient toadjust and with self-lock funtion
Die-cutter unit
Rubber rollerroff-cutter casting steel pipe, computer dynamic balance. Steelpipe face is ginded and chrome plated, adopt mechanical crosswise ±20mmmoving equipment,to improve the using life of the rubber. the speed diferentautomatic compensate equipmentis used for correcting die-cutter error becausethe nutber wear and tear souble grate worm box atjust gap gravimetrie showdigital.convenient to adjust,with self-lock equipment.Die-cuter rolleroff-center casting steel pipe, computer Dynamic balance, Steelpipe face is grinded and chrome plated(opion: free mould die-cuter slot steelbace moud ,slot and cut comer for common caron wth unton of adusingcarton height synchronous)
◇Die-cutter roller phase and axial adjust: Planet type gear configuration adjustphase, PLC touch screen and electrical digital in 360 degree,converter motordrive,axial moving adjusting adopt PLC touch screen and electrical digital ,ar-rangment is 15mm.
Rubber roller repairing configuration,rubber can be used for many time,save thecost largely.
Automate ciean the waste equipment smoohly take away the waste trom heslotter and die-cutter unit.
Slotter Unit
◇All the carton size, include the carton height and phase is finished by comput-er, human machine interface, save time and labor, improved work efficiency.can memory 500 orders.
◇Adopt double roller configuration,large diameter pressing line wheel, withgood pressing line shafts.
Slotter blade base, pressing line wheel and cutting side blade crosswise mov-ing configuration adopt precisa ball screw, moving with high precision,makecuting or position between upper and down blade more precisely, prolongusing life of blade.
Fexible cuting comer blade configuralion, can cut of 3-ply ar S-ply paper-board and don't need to adjust.
Slotter tooks adopt good qualily alloy steel, through heat-treatment and grind-
ing. with great hardness and wearability. long using life.
◇Can choose hole or punching equipment as requirement.


3.Corrugated Box Printing Machine Specifications:

参数名称 Name of parameter JGY-HS-900 JGY-HS-1200 JGY-HS-1400
色组 Color Group


Everything can be quipped according to users'needs

印刷用纸 Printing Paper A,B,C,A/B,B/C和A/B/C坑瓦楞纸板(最大间隙量11mm)
机械设计速度 Production Speed







经济速度 Economic speed







最大过纸尺寸 Max.Paper Sizes 900×1800/2000 2200/2400/2600mm 1200x1800/2000 2200/2400/2600mm 1400x1800/2000 2200/2400/2600mm


Min.Paper Sizes

正刀 Positive knife

反刀 negative knife







最大印刷尺寸 Max.Pringing Sizes 900×1600/1800 2000/2200/2400mm 1200×1600/1800 2000/2200/2400mm 1400×1600/1800 2000/2200/2400mm
最大模切尺寸 Max die-cutting size 900×1700/1900 2100/2300/2500mm 1200x1700/1900 2100/2300/2500mm 1400×1700/1900 2100/2300/2500mm
标准印版厚度 Standard Printing Plate Thickness 7.2mm
开槽宽×最大深 度 Slot Width x Max.depth

7mm×220mm 7mm×300mm 7mm×350mm

(可增加刀片,加大开槽深度)(Number of blade and slot depth may be added)


Min.Slot Space

正刀 Positive knife

反刀 negative knife

150*150*150*150mm 250*90*250*90mm







Printing Roller Dia.

(Plus Printing Plate Thickness)

300mm 408mm 480mm

4.Our Company

We are a professional supplier of corrugated machinery,including automatic high speed flexo printer slotter die cutters,corrugated board production lines,Rotary die cutters, carton staplers and two ply corrugated board production lines.Along with our development,we have set up our own factories. We are now enlarging our product area to testing equipment and other kinds of packaging machinery.


Q:Are you the trader or manufacturer?

A:We are the manufacturer with export qualification

Q:Do you make oem? can do

Q:Where are your factory located in?

A:We are in dongguang town,cangzhou city,hebei,china

Q:What is your business process?

A:Talking about clients requirements, confrim machines, make sales contract,pay for deposit,supplier arrange production,finish producing machines,buyer test machines,buyer pay for the balance payment,supplier delivery machine.

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