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4 Color Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Pizza Vegetable Box

4 Color Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Pizza Vegetable Box

  • High Light

    Four Color Corrugated Box Printing Machine


    Pizza Corrugated Box Printing Machine


    Vegetable Box corrugated printing machine

  • Usage
    Paper Printer
  • Condition
  • Dimensions(l*w*h)
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Name
    Corrugated Box Printing Machine
  • Gross Power
  • Application
    Carton Box Printing
  • Machine Type
    Corrugated Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Machine
  • Speed
    120-180 Sheets/min
  • Color
  • Function
    Carton Printing Slotting
  • Colors
    1-4 Colors
  • Printing Material
    Corrugated Cardboard
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 SET
  • Price
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1 set per 30 days

4 Color Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Pizza Vegetable Box

4 Color Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Pizza Vegetable Box


Lead Edge Feeder Unit

1 Machine Clutch

  • The electric control platform is accompanied by an alarm bell, and the alarm is continuously sounded during the movement. for ensure the safety of operators.
  • The transmission shaft is equipped with a safety clutch to avoid malfunction and damage the machine (when the machine platform is not locked, the main engine cannot start operation).
  • With pneumatic interlocking device.
  • With main motor start protection device.

 2 Adsorption Lead Edge Feeding System

  • The lead edge feed mechanism can minimize the jamming in the paper feeding process at the greatest extent.
  • The suction blower assists the feeding of paper. to ensure that the curved paperboard is smoothly fed in. The air volume can be adjusted according to the size of the paperboard, and the vacuum suction force of the paperboard can be ensured to the utmost so as to make the paper feeding more accurate.
  • The front dam-board and the rear dam-board adopt manual adjustment gaps, and the left and right side dam-board of the paper feed are electrically adjust gaps.
  • The feed wheel is made of polyurethane material, which has high friction and long service life. Feeding rubber wheel open joint structure, easy to change.
  • Suitable for three, five, seven layers of corrugated cardboard, including E-flute corrugated cardboard.
  • Paper counter, setting, display the production quantity.

 3 Dust Extraction Device
Equipped with a dust extraction mechanism (dust extraction brush and vacuum suction fan) to effectively remove paperboard surface impurities and improve, to improve printing quality.


4 Paper Feeding Roller

  • The outer diameter is Ф154.3mm.
  • Seamless steel pipe, wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and after balance correction process..
  • Under roller with chrome plating.
  • Paper feeding roller up and down electrical adjustment range 0-12mm.

5 Operation Control Switch (Plc Computer Control)
The control panel is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, which can control the Lead edge feeding unit, printing unit, die cutting unit, and is easy to operate. 


6 Automatic Zero Device

  • The lead edge feeding unit, printing unit, and die cutting unit are automatically zeroed electrically.
  • Normally, automatic zeroing device is used for the carton. After test print second cardboard, it can be adjusted to the correct position to reduce paperboard waste.

Printing Unit  

1 Printing Roller

  • The outer diameter: Ф586 mm (including the plate diameter Ф600mm).
  • Material: steel plate, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
  • After dynamic balance correction process, smooth operation.
  • Ratchet fixed scroll shaft.
  • Full-version plate groove, Use for thickness 9mm hanging plate.
  • Loading and unloading printing plate, electric control positive and negative by pedal switch .

 2 Printing Pressure Roller

  • The outer diameter: Ф159mm.
  • Steel pipe surface after grinding and hard chrome plating.
  • After dynamic balance correction, smooth operation.
  • Printing press roller up and down electrical adjustment range: 0-12mm.
  • Feeding roller up and down electrical adjustment range: 0-12mm.

 3 Anilox Roller

  • The outer diameter: Ф219 mm.
  • Roll surface adopt high technology laser engraving treatment which is hard and smooth.
  • The anilox are the same and the ink is uniform.
  • Prolong the life of printing plate and rubber roller.
  • Adjustment of the anilox roller gap dial by manually.

4 Rubber Roller

  • The outer diameter: Ф202mm.
  • The surface of steel pipe is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber.
  • High special grinding in the rubber roller, ink transfer wonderful effect. 

5 Feeding Up/Down Roller

  • Upper roller: Out diameter: 110mm, seamless steel tube with 2 feed wheel. Wheel is 2 piece joint.
  • Down roller: Out diameter:154.3 mm, seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.
  • Adjust the paper feed roller gap dial electrical adjustment. adjust range of 0-12mm. 

6 Phase Adjustment Mechanism

  • Planetary gear construction.
  • Horizontal position, manually adjust the distance. Total: 20mm.
  • The printing roller adopts frequency converter to adjust the phase, return to zero and adjust the printing speed, and the adjustment accuracy is high. 

7 Ink Circulation

  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink supply stable, easy to operation and maintenance.
  • Ink filter, filter impurities 

8 Printing Phase Fixture

  • Pneumatic brake mechanism.
  • When the machine operate or adjusts the phase, the brake mechanism restricts the rotation of the machine and maintains the fixed position of the original gear position.

9 Safety Measures: Between each unit there is an emergency pull switch.


Rotary Die Cutting Unit


  • The roller is made of hard chrome plated on the surface, material is high-quality steel, After dynamic balance correction, to increase its operating stability and reliability.
  • Die roller and soft roller made by international standard size, die roller diameter: 550mm, plus wooden die diameter: 600mm, soft roll diameter is 434.2mm (excellent rubber sleeve outside diameter 550mm), can be purchase the wooden die and rubber anywhere.
  • Adjust the gap between the die cutter roller and the rubber roller by electrical adjustment.
  • The phase of the die-cutting roller adopts a three-planetary structure, which has high precision and large bearing capacity. The stop and operation can be adjusted by electric digital 360°.
  • When the paper feed stop, the soft roll rises automatically, reduce the wear of the soft roll.
  • The rubber is made of polyurethane felt cover Germany Dipair brand, which can achieve 100% cutting rate. The incision is smooth. The replacement order of the rubber pad shall be based on the loading and unloading operation manual of the rubber pad.
  • The rubber pad roller adopts the mechanical cam type left and right movement (30mm) device, each knife is in different positions, effectively extending the service life of the felt sleeve.
  • Die cutting upper and lower rollers have different diameters, but the two rollers have the same linear velocity. It can control the infinitely non-circulating work of the die cutter in the circumferential direction, making the wear of the rubber sleeve more uniform.
  • With line speed compensation device, when the soft roller diameter changes, the line speed automatic compensation device automatically track compensation, without manual adjust the speed, to ensure that the size of each batch of cardboard boxes die-cutting is exactly the same, while greatly extending the felt and knife mold life.
  • The soft roll automatic repair device can repair the worn felt cover several times. The repaired felt cover is smooth and clean, and maintains the same performance as the new felt cover. Greatly increase the reusability of felt mats.
  • Die cutting lower cylinder equip ring slotting knife, the lower roller can electrical move left and right ±10mm.
  • Die cutting unit have control panel for paper feed opening/closing and host electric button, with multi-point adjustment operation function.


No. 参数名称 Parameter 单位 Unit Details
1 机械内侧宽度 Machine size(inner side) mm 3000mm
2 设 计 速 度 Max. Design speed pieces/min 200
3 经济运行速度 Economical speed pieces/min 50-180
4 最大进纸尺寸 Max. Paper Feeding size mm 2800
5 最小进纸尺寸 Min. Paper feeding size mm 400×700
6 最大印刷面积 Max. Printing size mm 2600
7 隔张进纸尺寸 Skip paper feeding size mm 2800
8 套色精度 Precision of printing mm ±0.7


Standard print plate thickness

mm 7.2
10 适应纸板厚度 Paperboard thickness mm 2-10
12 最大模切面积 Max. Die cutting size mm 2800
13 模切纸板厚度 Die cutting paperboard thickness mm 2-10
14 印刷滚筒轴向调节 Print roller axial direction adjustment mm ±10
16 刀模滚筒轴向调节 Die molds cylinder axial direction adjustment Mm ±10


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