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300pcs/Min Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making

300pcs/Min Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making

  • High Light

    300pcs/min Corrugated Box Printing Machine


    300pcs/min Carton Box Making machine


    paperboard Corrugated Box Printing Machine

  • Machine Name
    300 Pcs/min Corrugated Cardboard Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making
  • Printing Colors
    1-5 Colors
  • Machine Speed
    250min/ Pcs
  • Machine Voltage
    220V /380V
  • Printing Feature
  • Printing Paperboard
    Corrugatd Paperboard
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Packing them in plastic wrap before putting them in wooden cases
  • Delivery Time
    60 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1 set 60per days

300pcs/Min Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making

300 pcs/min Corrugated Cardboard Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making


Lead Feeder Part 

1.electric control machine from the alarm bell, continuous ringing warning, to ensure the safety of workers. shaft with friction clutch, to avoid misuse and damage to the machine.

3.pneumatic interlock device.

4.The host motor starts the protection device. (The machine is not locked, the host can not start running)

leading edge roller type feeding system

1.suction auxiliary feeding paper fan 7.5KW, according to the different bending conditions of cardboard, air volume adjustment,To ensure smooth paper supply. Use the brush to remove the cardboard surface Dust, scraps of paper and other debris, improve the printing quality.

2.slotted with a chain control switch, control emergency stop paper.

3.The paper lift and down adopt the air cylinder ,the action quickly, effort.

4.the use of Shandong "Komori" front edge roller feed system, simple operation, high precision. The amount of extension can be adjusted, raw

Strong adaptability. Speed transmission more stable, suitable for warping, thin cardboard transmission, the effect is obvious.

5.side baffle, rear box position by the screw electric adjustment; front baffle upper and lower gap position manually synchronized adjustment.

6. skip feeding device (according to the need to choose continued or sheet feeding).

7.PLC control, man-machine interface, menu storage, printing plate correction, printing speed, quantity, time and the Department operation

Feed roller

1. up roller use the soft rubber shaft ,so when feed the board ensure the not borken the board Diameter 132mm, wearing rubber shaft , make the blance correct ,keep the paper feed steay and accurate.

2.The lower feed roller with embossing roller diameter ¢ 175 mm, seamless steel pipe, embossed hard chrome plating.

3.feeding roller cross slider-type dial dial manually adjust the adjustment range of 0 ~ 12 mm. Adjustment does not affect the gear gap, to ensure transmission accuracy.

4.hand-type quick clearance fine-tuning self-locking device.

automatic zero device

1.The paper feed section, the printing section, and the slotted part are automatically reset to zero.

2.General carton use automatic zero device, try to print two can be adjusted to the correct position to reduce cardboard waste.


Printing department

Feed the upper and lower rollers

1.on the roll: diameter ¢ 71 mm seamless steel pipe, with three paper feed ring.

2.the next roll: diameter ¢ 134.6mm seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chrome plated

3. feeding roller cross slider-type dial dial manually adjust the adjustment range of 0 ~ 12 mm. Adjustment does not affect teeth Wheel clearance, to ensure transmission accuracy.

steel anilox roller rubber roller set ink system

1.diameter of ¢ 176mm.

2.steel surface grinding, repression reticulate, hard chrome plating.

3.alance correction, smooth operation.

4.mesh number is 180,200,220,250 lines / inch selection. Option ceramic roller 300line/inch

5.with the feed system pneumatic automatic lifting device. (When feed paper pr the anilox roller is lowered and touched with print plate ,stop feed paper anilox roll is up and the plate is separated)

6.Anilox roller with wedge-type clutch, even ink, easy to clean ink.

7.rubber roller diameter ¢ 186 mm.option the doctor blade system

8.steel pipe surface wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and do the balance correction.

9.rubber in the special high grinding, ink transfer effect is good. Quick clearance fine-tuning self-locking device to ensure uniform ink. The amount of uniform ink system, the conversion effect is good, to extend the life of rubber roller.


Slot Part:

1.single shaft sructure

2.Slotter phase adjustable by computer control 360 degree adjust ( run stop can be adjusted ) ,machine can stock order , manual adjust horizontal 20mm

3.Up slot knive shaft diameter 124mm , knives seat diameter 292mm

4.Crease rolelr shaft diameter 86mm , crease wheel diameter 156mm

5.Bottom knives shaft diameter 110 ,knives diameter 200mm

6.The knives and crease wheel same time movement electrical control ( input the box size ,automatic adjust)

7.Slot knives 7mm use ally steel material after heattreatment ,grinding , teeth model knvies ,

8.Can make the holes attachment ( optional )


Machine date

Name of parameter

JGY-HS 900

Color Group

Everything can be quipped according to users’ needs

Printing Paper

A,B,C,A/B,B/C and A/B/C Corrugated Cardboard(Maximum gap 11mm)

Production Speed

250 Pieces/min

Economic Speed

200 Pieces/min

Max.Paper Sizes


Min.Paper Sizes

Positive knife

Negative knife



Max.Printing Sizes


Max.Die-cutting Size


Standard Printing Plate Thicknes


Slot Width x Max.depth

7mmx220mm 7mmx300mm 7mmx350mm

(Number of blade and slot depth may be added)

Min.Slot Space

Positive knife

Negative knife



Printing Roller Dia


300pcs/Min Corrugated Box Printing Machine For Carton Box Making 0