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Corrugated Cardboard 800mm Pizza Box Making Machine

Corrugated Cardboard 800mm Pizza Box Making Machine

  • High Light

    800mm Pizza Box Making Machine


    468mm Pizza Box Making Machine

  • Machine Name
    Pizza Box Making Machine
  • Color
    1-5 Colors
  • Roller Diameter
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    container ,wooden case,film
  • Delivery Time
    35working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    25sets per min

Corrugated Cardboard 800mm Pizza Box Making Machine

Automatic corrugated cardboard pizza box making machine carton box making machine prices

machine making carton box


final carton boxes of machine 

Corrugated Cardboard 800mm Pizza Box Making Machine 0






printing roll

(plate roll)


Ø 【1】diameter of ¢ 468 mm (with diameter of ¢ 480mm)

Ø high-quality steel surface grinding, axial reference

Ø scale, hard chrome plating.

Ø to do the balance correction, smooth operation, to

Ø adapt to high-speed operation.

  • 【4】ratchet fixed scroll plate, with hanging plate ditch, to
  • adapt to the rapid version of the installation convenient and
  • quick.
  • 【5】full version of hanging slot, for 10 mm hanging version
  • of the article.

Ø 【6】loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch

Ø electric control is reversing.

  • 【7】printing roller axial manual traverse, the maximum
  • movement of 10mm.



press roll


Ø 【1】diameter of ¢ 155 mm.

Ø the use of high-quality seamless steel pipe surface grinding, dynamic balance correction, smooth operation, hard chrome plating

Ø 【3】printing pressure roller cross slider-type dial to

Ø manually adjust the adjustment range of 0 to 12 mm.

Ø Adjustment does not affect Gear clearance to ensure

Ø transmission accuracy.



Feed the


and lower



Ø 【1】on the roll: diameter ¢ 86 mm seamless steel pipe,

Ø with three paper feed ring.

Ø 【2】 the next roll: diameter ¢ 155 mm seamless steel pipe,

Ø surface grinding, hard chrome plated

Ø 【3】feeding roller cross slider-type dial dial manually adjust

Ø the adjustment range of 0 ~ 12 mm. Adjustment does not

Ø affect teeth Wheel clearance, to ensure transmission accuracy.










steel anilox

roller rubber

roller set ink



Ø 【1】diameter of ¢ 213.7 mm.

Ø 【2】steel surface grinding, repression reticulate, hard chrome

Ø plating.

Ø 【3】 balance correction, smooth operation.

Ø 【4】mesh number is 180,200,220,250 lines / inch selection.

Ø Option ceramic roller 300-500line/inch

Ø 【5】with the feed system pneumatic automatic lifting device.

Ø (When feed paper the anilox roller is lowered and touched with

Ø print plate ,stop feed paper anilox roll is up and the plate is

Ø separated)

Ø 【6】Anilox roller with wedge-type clutch, even ink, easy to

Ø clean ink.

Ø 【7】rubber roller diameter ¢ 186 mm.option the doctor blade

Ø system

Ø 【8】steel pipe surface wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and

Ø do the balance correction.

Ø 【9】rubber in the special high grinding, ink transfer effect is

Ø good. Quick clearance fine-tuning self-locking device to ensure

Ø uniform ink. The amount of uniform ink system, the conversion

Ø effect is good, to extend the life of rubber roller.


phase adjustment mechanism

Ø 【1】planetary gear structure.

Ø printing phase using computered plc control impurt the digital .(Run, stop can be adjusted), manually adjust the horizontal position, adjust the distance of 10 mm.

Ø 【2】in the printing process after the printing plate automatic

Ø reset the system.



ink circulation

Ø 【1】Pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink stability, easy operation

Ø and maintenance.

  • 【2】ink filter, filter impurities.




fixing device


  • 【1】 cylinder brake mechanism.
  • 【2】 When the machine to separate or adjust the phase, the
  • brake mechanism To limit the machine rotation, to maintain the
  • original gear position fixed point.



Corrugated Cardboard 800mm Pizza Box Making Machine 1