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E Flute Corrugated Laminating Machine , 60 - 80 Pcs / Min Glue Lamination Machine

E Flute Corrugated Laminating Machine , 60 - 80 Pcs / Min Glue Lamination Machine

  • High Light

    vacuum laminating machine


    laminate pressing machine

  • Name
    Glue Lamination Machine
  • Min Laminator Size
  • Machine Size
  • Staff
    More Than 100
  • Speed
    60-80 Pcs/min
  • Color
    According To Customer
  • Place of Origin
    Hebei Province, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    in skin , in carton , in container
  • Delivery Time
    40-60 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10 set per month

E Flute Corrugated Laminating Machine , 60 - 80 Pcs / Min Glue Lamination Machine

E flute corrugated laminating machine , glue lamination machine




1.The machine auto feeding corrugated board bottom paper


2.,manual feeding above paper ,( there is high table model ,the top board can pile 1.5meter ,can according the paper feed height adjust the height automatic)


3.above paper can adjust front and behind,never go ahead ,match with the adjust the speed..


4.This used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper (cardboard or corrugated sheet) accurately Suitable for lamination of corrugated cardboard A/B/C/D/E/F flute board to paperboard 175-700g , and paperboard175g-700g to grey board .


5.Automatic feeding of bottom sheet and normal front feeding of top sheet With flexible front gauge positioning to control the laminating precision. Stepless timing, novelty and beauty,easy to clean ,easy operation and high laminating precision.


6.New equipment for producing the high quality cardboard, makes the cardboard more striking, nice and high intensity.


7.Used widely for packing food, wine bottle, electric appliance and light industry products.


8. The machine adopt the plc control system , electrical system run steady,and automatic show the error .



  • The quotation is for dealers price, please kindly do not disclose to the others.
  • The glue roller will stainless steel. If no stainless steel required, the cost can be deducted 500USD.


  • Specifications


KSTMT Series Automatic Flute Laminator specifications



Unit KSTMT- 1100 KSTMT- 1300 KSTMT- 1450 KSTMT-1600
Maximum Paper Size(W×L) mm 1100×1100 1300×1100 1450×1100 1600×1400
Minimum Paper Size(W×L) mm 350×350 350×350 350 x 350 450×450
Laminating Precision mm ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5
Speed s/min. 100 100 100 100
Total Power kw 12 12 12 13
Length m 11.5 12.5 12.5 15


Other special features of our machine:


  • Five ply can be made by the machine.
  • Max. face sheet weight: 800g/m2,Min. face sheet weight: 180g/m2, Max. corrugated sheet weight: 800g/m2, Min. corrugated sheet weight: 300g/m2
  • Less vibration and low noise.
  • CE certificate available.
  • Gluing even: 30-50gsm. Quite cost effective for your production.
  • Side lay registration is installed on the machine.


2. List of the electric components


No Code Name Model Specification Qty Manufacturer Remarks
1   Main motor AEAFAC-F 3.7KW 1 TECO For 1300,1450
5.5KW For STMT1600
2   Blower motor RB-033 2.2KW 1 CHUAN FAN  
3   Lifting Motor ETVFDFQ 1.5KW 1 TECO  
4   Glue pump motor Y801-4 0.55KW 1 WEIHAI HENGDA  
5   Air pump motor Y100L1-4 2.2KW 1 HAIGUANG  
6   Gear reducer motor for conveyor E400-100S 0.4KW 1 CHENGGANG  
7 KMO AC contactor LC1-D4010N 40A 220VAC 1 SCHNEIDER  
8 KM1.5 AC contactor LC1-D1810N 18A AC220V 2 SCHNEIDER  
9 KM2.3.4.KA0 AC contactor LC1-D0910N 9A AC220V 4 SCHNEIDER  
10   Assistant contact LA1-DN11N 1NO+1NC 5A 3 SCHNEIDER  
11 KM6.7 AC contactor LC2-D1201 12A AC220V Combination 1 SCHNEIDER  
12 VC Switching power supply S-60-24 AC220V 1 MEAN WELL  
13 SSR1 Solid state relay ASR-40DA 40A AC24-380V 1 ANLY  
14 SSR2 Solid state relay ASR-25DA 25A AC24-380V 1 ANLY  
15 QS0 Three-phase low-voltage breaker EA53C 40A 1 FUJI  
16 SL Liquid relay A61F-G AC220V 1 ANLY  
17 ST1.2.3.4. Limit switch TZ-8166 5A AC220V 4 TEND  
18 ST5 Limit switch TZ-8108 5A AC220V 1 TEND  
19 SQ1,2 Photoelectric switch CDR-10X DC 10-30V 2 FOTEK  
20 SQ3.4.5.6. Proximity switch PM12-04N DC 10-30V 4 FOTEK  



E Flute Corrugated Laminating Machine , 60 - 80 Pcs / Min Glue Lamination Machine 0