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Semi Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine , Paper Glue For Carton Forming

Semi Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine , Paper Glue For Carton Forming

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    automatic folding machine


    box folder gluer machine

  • Machine Name
    Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine
  • Apply For
    Paper Glue
  • Color
    Machine Yellow Color
  • Feature
    Automatic Tally
  • Weight
  • High Of Feeder
  • Place of Origin
    China Hebei
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  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wrapped in plastic film and placed in wooden box
  • Delivery Time
    4-6 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    5 Set 40 per days

Semi Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine , Paper Glue For Carton Forming

Semi Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine , Paper Glue For Carton Forming


Folder Gluer Cardboard Box Making Machine Information:

Semi-automatic sticking machine can be divided into two types: the first one is more popular in domestic use, mainly used for folding, gluing, shaping, conveying, pressing, counting, drying and other functions of the carton. The whole machine is fed by the feeding department. , glue coating part, shaping part, conveying press part, receiving count part and so on. The operation procedure is that the whole piece of cardboard that has been processed is manually folded by the worker and sent to the rubberizing part, and the glue is automatically applied to the bonding part of the cardboard by the rubberizing part, and is sent to the shaping part by the roller to form a certain number one by one, and then automatically transmitted and added. Press, blow dry and finally finish. The semi-automatic sticking machine is suitable for the outer box of the standard pair of flapping and covering one box, and the "folding line" of the carton is required to be pressed well, otherwise the stuck carton may generate waste. The machine is very suitable for paperboard after die-cutting. The maximum folding cardboard size is 1200mm×1200mm, the minimum is 400mm×400mm, and the production speed is 50-70 pieces per minute.

Another semi-automatic sticking machine is developed by means of the structure of the folder gluer. The sticking machine is composed of an automatic feeding part, a grinding and coating part, a conveying part, and a manual folding pressing part. The workers are manually folded and pressed, and after a certain amount, they are placed in the pneumatic working part to be pressed. Its characteristic is that the automatic feeding speed of the feeding part is fast, but the folding cardboard can not be sent, and only the flat plate can be sent. The feeding part of the adhesive boxing machine is similar to the leading edge feeding structure. It is fed by special tape, roller, etc. At the same time, it is also possible to bond two pieces of cardboard in a box, and to complete the bonding of special cartons such as shaped cartons and partial boxes. Its grinding and gluing work can very accurately grind and glue the parts that need to be bonded, or use the nozzles configured by the machine to partially spray the shaped box. There are 12 working positions on both sides of the machine, and there are 12 workers at the same time for production operation, and the production speed is also very impressive.


Cardboard Box Folding Making Machine Main Parameter:

Model ZXJ-2600 ZXJ-2800
Max size (L+W)*2 2460mm 2800mm
Min size (L+W)*2 340mm 340mm
Max size(W+H)*2 1515mm 1515mm
Min size (W+H)*2 240mm 260mm
High of feeder 900mm 1000mm
Power 4kw 4kw
Machine length 5300 5300mm
Machine weight 2470 2150kg
Machine speed 40m/min 60m/min


Semi Auto Gluing Folder Making Machine , Paper Glue For Carton Forming 0