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Aligned Face Flute Laminator Machine , Paper Lamination Machine Price In India

Aligned Face Flute Laminator Machine , Paper Lamination Machine Price In India

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    automatic flute laminating machine


    laminate pressing machine

  • Name
    Paper Lamination Machine
  • Min Laminator Size
  • Machine Size
  • Certificate
    CE ISO
  • Color
    According To Customer
  • Staff
    More Than 100
  • Place of Origin
    Hebei Province, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    in skin , in carton , in container
  • Delivery Time
    40-60 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10 set per month

Aligned Face Flute Laminator Machine , Paper Lamination Machine Price In India

paper lamination machine , paper lamination machine price in india


The laminating machine is also called the laminating machine or the laminating machine. It is used for the bonding of pre-printed color printing paper and corrugated board. It is an important supporting equipment for the production of pre-printed carton, and the production efficiency and quality of corrugated board processing. Has a certain impact. With the continuous development of the social economy, the application of pre-printed cartons is more and more extensive, the structure of the laminating machine is becoming more diversified and automated, and the manufacturing technology and performance are becoming more mature and advanced. Due to the different structure and performance of the laminating machine, the effect of the corrugated board and the paper sheet is also very different. Therefore, the correct purchase and use of the laminating machine is an important part of improving the production efficiency and quality of the carton.




A ,automatic laminating machine are the fourth-generation products of back push style, the machine have advantage of easy operation, convenient maintenance, high speed, low noise, and high accuracy.

B it will help you to gain the power in the market improved parts and electrical components from japan and germany, guarantee the quality and use life.

C timing belt drive of the machine is mainly imported from japan, . timing belt has soft and tough, durable wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure the accuracy of the machine precision fit.

D The semi-automatic laminating machine is suitable for the lamination of color printing paper (corrugated or cardboard). The laminated cardboard is smooth and beautiful. It is the key equipment for producing high quality color carton and carton. Widely used in packaging and manufacturing industries such as alcohol, food, home appliances, light industry and textiles.


  • Body paper and facer paper all manual feeding .
  • Manual aligned face paper and bottom paper
  • have the high working rate and low cost .
  • the machine outline beauty and new ,easy operation .
  • main electrical equipment use the international famous brand.
  • This machine adopt automatic supply the glue by photoelectric check.
  • Main part and pressure part all use the import speed control system ,work steady and low noise
Max laminator size 1300mm×1100mm 1450mm×1100mm 1600mm×1100mm
Min laminator size 360mm×360mm 360mm×360mm 360mm×360mm
Speed 0-60m/min 0-60m/min 0-60m/min
Power 7kw 7kw 7kw
Machine size 8.8m×1.95m×1.5m 8.8m×2.1m×1.5m 8.8m×2.25m×1.5m
Weight 3T 3.2T 3.5T




1.The machine auto feeding corrugated board


2.,manual feeding above paper ,


3.above paper can adjust front and behind,never go ahead ,match with the adjust the speed.


4.machine is used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper (cardboard or corrugated sheet) accurately Suitable for lamination of corrugated cardboard(A/B/C/D/E/F) to paperboard

(350grams) ,and paperboard 175-500grmas to grey board above 350g


5.Automatic feeding of bottom sheet and normal front feeding of top sheet With flexible front gauge positioning to control the laminating precision. Stepless timing, novelty and beauty,easy to clean ,easy operation and high laminating precision.


6.New equipment for producing the high quality cardboard, makes the cardboard more striking, nice and high intensity.


7.Used widely for packing food, wine bottle, electric appliance and light industry products.



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