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Industrial Box Semi Automatic Strapping Machine With Four Door Hydraulic Baler

Industrial Box Semi Automatic Strapping Machine With Four Door Hydraulic Baler

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    box strapping machine


    automatic strapping machine

  • Name
    Box Binding Machine
  • Color
    According To Customer
  • Size
    2900*1450*900 Mm
  • Staff
    More Than 100
  • Warranty Period
    One Year
  • User
    Item Compression Package
  • Place of Origin
    Hebei ,china
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    in skin ,in wooden , in container
  • Delivery Time
    20- 40 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    20 set per month

Industrial Box Semi Automatic Strapping Machine With Four Door Hydraulic Baler

Semiautomatic New Condition Industrial Binding Machine Box Binding Machine


Four-door garment hydraulic baler can compress and pack all kinds of waste paper, waste plastic, waste fabric, garment, quilt, pillowcase, pillow, straw, cotton, straw, grain, etc. Packaging is to improve labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity.


Operation method and matters

1. Check whether the appearance of the equipment is abnormal and whether there are any safety hazards around it (long rods or other foreign objects are prohibited from being placed near the machine). After confirming the normal, open the electric control box load switch, the key switch is turned to the open position, and the emergency stop button is opened, and the electric control box power indicator lights up.

2. Put a large piece of paper on the bottom of the machine, close the upper and lower iron doors, and rotate the lower door fastener to lock it tightly. (The lock must be tightly locked when the door is locked to the end, because the internal pressure is large when the machine is working, and the lock is not tight. A gap in the door will cause the safety sensor to act and the machine will stop working.)

3. Press the row button to press the pressure head down to the bottom and automatically rise to the upper position to stop. The air pressure once resets the outsourcing chain on the pressure head.

4. Open the upper iron door and put the material into the machine evenly until it is full, and close the upper iron door (must be closed in place, otherwise the safety photoelectric detection sensor on the door will act, the machine will not start).

5. Press the row button, the pressure head goes down, and when it is pressed to the bottom position, it will automatically rise back to the upper part to stop.

6. Repeat operation 4-5 until the siren sounds on the electric control box. The warning has reached the set packing height. At this time, the indenter presses the paper bag and stops. If you do not need to set the packing height, you need to bundle the bag in advance. Down button for 2 seconds, at this time the machine starts, the pressure head presses the paper bag and stops, and continues to the next step).

7. Open the upper and lower doors and put a wire or plastic rope from the back of the machine through the corresponding threading groove of the indenter and the bottom to expose the machine from the front, and tie the exposed two ends at the front of the machine (because The expansion of the bag, the line should not be too tight, leaving a certain margin to prevent disconnection), wear all the lines and tie them as described above.

8. Place a tray in front of the machine. Take out the outsourcing chain at the back of the machine and put it in the out of the card slot on the indenter.


Hydraulic automatic baler JPW60E for waste carton boxes


      * Widely used for packing industry, cardboard boxes industry, printing industry


  • Way of two-sided shrinking mouth , tighten and relaxation by cylinder automatically.


  • Left -right compressing and pushing bale out ,the length of bale can be adjusted ,pushing out bale continuously, improving work efficiency.

Features: * PLC control system , operated by electrical buttons, with feeding detection, can compress the material automatically.


  • Bale length can be adjust packaging reminder device.


  • It has three phase voltage and safety interlock device, simple operation, can connect with air-blower or conveyor line to feed material directly, improve working efficiency.


  Appearance Model KWP60E
    Hydraulic power (ton) 60
    Bale size (W*H*L)mm 750*850*(500-1600)
    Feed opening size(L*W)mm 1200*750
    Bale weight(kg) 300-500
    Output (ton/hr) 2-3
    Bale lines 4
    Out-bale way Continuously push bales
    Voltage (3 phase) customizable 380V/50Hz
    Power (Kw/Hp) 15kw/20hp
    Machine size(L*W*H)mm 5850*1880*2100


Accessary machine, PVC belt conveyor


  • Conveyor is made of four layer composite PVC material, wear-resisting.


  • You can add baffles to make feeding more efficiency, make sure material not easy to slide

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