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5 Layer Corrugated Board Production Line 1800mm 250pcs Per / Min

5 Layer Corrugated Board Production Line 1800mm 250pcs Per / Min

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    1800mm corrugated board machine


    250pcs / Min Corrugated Board Production Line


    250pcs Per Min corrugated board machine

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    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
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    1 Year
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    Carton Box Making Machine
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    Corrugated Board Production Line
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    CE ISO
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    1 SET
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    5-8 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    1 set per 30 days

5 Layer Corrugated Board Production Line 1800mm 250pcs Per / Min

5 Layer Corrugated Board Production Line 1800mm 250pcs Per / Min


Size device name Unit QTY   Remark
ZJ-V5B Full Hydraulic Shaftless Paper Holder set 5   Main shaft ¢242mm, hyperbolic heavy-duty rocker arm, tooth-type paper clamping head, ventilated disc-type multi-point brake, hydraulic drive for lifting, left and right translation, centering.
DXC Paper trolley set 10   Ground rail trolley, double guide rail length 9000mm, welded by middle plate. .
JZJ Automatic paper splicer set 5   The automatic splicing machine keeps the corrugated cardboard assembly line working uninterrupted, reduces paper loss, and greatly improves productivity. The maximum speed is 200m/min.
RG-900 Tissue preheating cylinder set 2   Roller ¢900mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Electric adjustment of wrap angle. The wrapping angle can adjust the heating area of the paper in the range of 360°.
RG-900 Core paper preheating cylinder set 2   Roller ¢900mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Electric adjustment of wrap angle. The wrapping angle can adjust the heating area of the paper in the range of 360°.
SF-405C Modular single-sided machine set 2   Corrugated main roller ¢405mm, sprayed tungsten carbide treatment, high-efficiency and energy-saving synchronous belt rotation, adopts maintenance-free air bag pressurization, independent glue coating unit, PLC automatic glue control, human-machine interface touch screen display, automatic parking and pressure relief when paper breaks.
RG-900 triple preheater set 1   Roller ¢900mm, including pressure vessel certificate. Electric adjustment of wrap angle. The wrapping angle can adjust the heating area of the paper in the range of 360°.
GM-30 Two-layer gluing machine set 1   Coating roller diameter 320mm. Each layer is driven by an independent frequency conversion motor, and the PLC adjusts the gluing gap and the man-machine interface.
TQ heavy duty bridge set 1   The main beam is 200mm channel steel, and the paper is driven by an independent frequency conversion motor.
JP Overpass automatic correction set   The unpowered correction mode saves power. High-precision paper deflection. Paper width changes do not require any adjustments. Full-width infrared detection light curtain. Reduce waste from paper tearing. Reduce the waste caused by the lack of paper edge.
SM Double side machine set 1   The frame is 360 mm national standard channel steel, the hot plate is 600 mm * 20 pieces, and the whole process is designed with a pressure plate. The upper and lower belts are equipped with automatic deviation correction, temperature display, and frequency conversion motor.
NCBD Computer Thin Knife Slitting and creasing machine set 1   Tungsten alloy blade, five knives and eight lines, zero pressure line type. Full servo computer automatically arranges knives, and the width of the suction port is automatically adjusted.
NC Computer spiral knife cross cutting machine set 1   Full AC synchronous servo control, energy storage brake, spiral knife structure, helical gear transmission, lubricating oil pressure protection, 10.4-inch touch screen display.
DM-LM Computer gantry right angle stacker set 1   Servo-driven platform lifting, three-stage frequency conversion transmission, imported high-strength belt output.
ZJZ Glue station set 1   The pipeline is prepared by the customer. The glue making device consists of a carrier tank, a main tank, a storage tank, a glue delivery pump, and a glue return pump.
QU Air source system set 1   Customers provide their own gas source.
ZQ steam system set 1   Including steam components such as pipeline valves, steam traps, and instruments in the equipment, the customer prepares heat sources and pipelines by himself.
DQ Production management system set 1   Electric control system: Adsorption single-sided machine, drive unit, computerized thin knife machine, double-sided machine, and glue applicator all use frequency conversion motors, and Delta frequency conversion control system. The operation interface is simple and convenient, and the speed display control cabinet is equipped with the functions of speed display of each unit, unit call and emergency stop.

WJ250-1800-type five-layer corrugated cardboard production line: 

1 Maximum production paper width 1800mm 2 design production speed 250m/min
3 Three layers of working speed 200-230m/min 4 Five layers of working speed 180-200m/min
5 Seven layers of working speed ------------------ 6 Maximum order change speed 180m/min
7 Slitting paper separation accuracy ±1mm 8 Cross cutting precision ±1mm



The above speed indicators must meet: the production width is 1800mm, meet the following paper standards and ensure that the surface temperature of the heated parts of the equipment is at 175°C.
face paper index 100g/㎡--180g/㎡ Ring pressure index (N.m/g) ≥ 8 (moisture content 8-10%)
Index of core paper 80g/㎡--160g/㎡ Ring pressure index (N.m/g) ≥ 5.5 (moisture content 8-10%)
paper finger 90g/㎡--160g/㎡ Ring pressure index (N.m/g) ≥ 6 (moisture content 8-10%)
9 corrugated combination  
10 steam requirements Maximum pressure 16kg/cm2 Common pressure 10-12kg/cm2 Dosage 4000kg/Hr
11 electricity demand AC380V 50Hz 3PH Installed capacity≈300KW Common power ≈250KW
12 compressed air Maximum pressure 9kg/cm2 Common pressure 4-8kg/cm2 Dosage 1m3/min
13 take up space ≈Lmin95m*Wmin10m*Hmin5m (actually subject to the approved drawings provided by Party B)

 ZJ-V5 hydraulic shaftless paper holder
Structural features:
★Full hydraulic drive is used to complete the actions of base paper clamping, loosening, moving centering, left and right translation, etc. The base paper lifting is driven by hydraulic pressure.
★Brake adjustment adopts multi-point brake system.
★Each paper stand is equipped with two paper loading trolleys, which can load paper from both sides at the same time.

※Technical Parameters:
1. Paper clamping range: maximum 1900mm minimum 800mm paper clamping diameter: maximum ¢1500mm minimum ¢300mm
2. Diameter of main shaft of paper holder: ¢242mm Air source working pressure (Mpa): 0.4---0.8Mpa
※Hydraulic system parameters:
1. Working pressure (Mpa): 16---18Mpa Lifting hydraulic cylinder: ¢160×440mm Clamping hydraulic cylinder: ¢100×1300mm
4. Motor power of hydraulic station: 4.0KW --380V -- 50Hz Solenoid valve voltage: 220V 50 Hz


※Paper loading trolley, guide rail

※Structural features:
★ The track is buried in the ground as a whole, the main frame is No. 14 channel steel, the I-beam is welded with ¢20mm cold-drawn round steel, and the length of the guide rail is 9000mm.
★Each paper stand is equipped with two paper loading trolleys, which can load paper from both sides at the same time.


※High-speed automatic paper splicer

★Applicable maximum base paper diameter: 1500mm.
★With the automatic tension control of the base paper holder, it can splice paper at high speed with high success rate.
★No paper tail splicing, reducing the loss of base paper (the overlapping part of the base paper is only about 40mm as wide as the tape).
★When the paper splicing cart moves out, it will automatically turn out, easy to load paper, fully automatic tension control and zero error in splicing paper.
★All adopt PLC automatic control, accurate action, less failure and easy maintenance.
★When the buffer wheel pulls the paper for the first time, it will be automatically aligned, making it easy to pull the paper.
★Machine superiority, the air cylinder controlled paper splicing machine splices paper at high speed, and the phenomenon of broken tiles and foaming caused by ordinary motor control will not appear in an instant.
★Maximum splicing speed 180m/min
※General technical parameters:
1. Maximum working width: 1800mm 2. Operating direction: left or right (according to the customer's factory)
3. Maximum mechanical speed: 250m/min 4. Operating speed: 0-200m/min
5. Pressure: 6bpa 6. Single machine weight: maximum 2600Kg
※Roller diameter parameters:
1. Upper paper guide shaft: ¢137mm 2. Lower paper guide shaft: ¢150mm
3. Buffer roller guide roller 1: ¢126mm 4. Buffer roller guide roller 2: ¢137mm
5. Paper clamping roller: ¢99mm 6. Supporting paper roller: ¢99mm


※RG-900 surface (core) paper preheater
※RG-900 triple preheater
※Structural features:
★The preheating roller conforms to the national standard for pressure vessels and is attached with a pressure vessel inspection certificate.
★The surface of each roller is finely ground and plated with hard chrome after precision grinding, the surface friction is small and durable.
★Electric adjustment of the wrap angle, the wrap angle can be rotated within 360° to adjust the heating area of the paper.


※Technical Parameters:
1. Working width: 1800mm
2. Diameter of preheating roller: ¢900mm Wrap angle adjustment range: 360° rotation Wrap angle shaft diameter: ¢110mm×2
3. Steam temperature: 150-180℃ Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa
4. Working power supply: 380V 50Hz 5. Motor power: 250W short-time (S2) working system


※Structural features:
★Main flute roller: ¢405mm (different according to the flute type), pressure roller ¢500mm, preheating roller ¢500mm.
★Negative pressure design, low heat loss, so that the core paper can be evenly pressed and attached to the surface of the corrugating roller, so that the corrugation can be formed better, because the pressure is uniform, the top of the corrugated can be coated with glue evenly, Make the lamination of single-sided corrugated paper better.
★The corrugating roll is made of 48Crmo high-quality alloy steel, which has been heat-treated, and the surface is ground and treated with tungsten carbide.
★Corrugating rollers, pressure rollers, etc. adopt air bag control system with high stability, and have air pressure control buffering effect at the same time.
★The amount of gluing is controlled by electric adjustment, the gluing device is electric, and the gluing system can operate independently when the main machine stops to prevent the glue from drying up. The glue tank is stainless steel.
★Mobile gluing system is not only convenient for cleaning, but also more conducive to maintenance and repair work.
★Simple operation control system, touch screen operation interface, with color graphics displaying operation status, function selection, fault indication, troubleshooting and parameter setting, etc., can show that this machine has complete functions, easy operation and humanization.
★Built-in preconditioner with spray system to adjust core paper temperature and moisture.
★High-temperature lubricating grease is used for bearings of main and auxiliary corrugating rolls and pressure rolls to ensure long life and smooth operation of the bearings.
★The pressure roller has no power mechanism, original design and advanced structure, which can greatly reduce the vibration and noise when the equipment is running at high speed.
★Load sensors are installed at both ends of the pressure roller, which can visually detect the pressure at both ends of the pressure roller.


※General technical parameters:
1. Working width: 1800mm 2. Operating direction: left or right (determined according to the customer's factory building)
3. Design speed: 250m/min 4. Temperature range: 160—200℃
5. Air source: 0.4—0.9MPa 6. Steam pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa
7. Corrugated type (UV type or UVV type):
※Roller diameter parameters:
1. Diameter of upper corrugating roller: ¢405mm 2. Diameter of pressure roller: ¢500m
3. Diameter of gluing roller: ¢269mm 4. Diameter of fixing roller: ¢153mm Preheater diameter: ¢500mm
※Power motor parameters:
1 Main variable frequency drive motor: 30KW Rated voltage: 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working system
2. Suction motor: 18KW Rated voltage: 380V 50Hz continuous (S1) working system
3. Glue adjusting electric push rod: 30W rated voltage: 24V short-time (S2) working system
4. Motor for rubber isolation adjustment: 200W *2 Rated voltage: 380V 50Hz short-time (S2) working system
5. Rubber pump motor: 2.2KW rated voltage: 380V 50Hz continuous (S1) working system
6. Glue-coated frequency conversion motor: 3.7KW rated voltage: 380V 50Hz continuous (S1) working system


※Structural features:
★The main frame of this part is connected by channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, etc.
★There are safety guardrails and safety pedals on both sides, and a safety escalator on the operating surface to ensure the safety of the staff and easy operation.
★Independent frequency conversion motor lifting mechanism, PVC conveyor belt transmission, single tile cardboard into a regular and stable wave shape.
★The surfaces of all rollers are ground and plated with hard chrome.
★Vacuum adsorption tension control, 5-inch suction pipe, plus regulating valve, stepless adjustable air volume.
★Two sets of electric rectifying devices, the rectifying baffle is positioned by double guide columns, driven by screw, the positioning is fast and accurate, and the running is stable.
★The bridge is full of auxiliary high-strength composite sheets, which are smooth and durable, with low friction and reduced cardboard conveying resistance.


※General technical parameters:
1,1. Working width: 1800mm 2. Operating direction: left or right (determined according to the customer's factory building)
2,3. Maximum height: 5500mm 4. Working speed: 250m/min
3,※Roller diameter parameters:
4,1. Diameter of upper paper roller and tension roller: ¢130mm 2. Diameter of conveying roller: ¢180mm
5,3. Diameter of paper passing roller and paper guide roller: ¢111mm 4. Diameter of paper loading and dragging shaft: ¢110mm
6,※Power motor and electrical parameters:
7,1. Hoisting motor for single-sided corrugated paper: 5.5KW (frequency conversion) 380V 50Hz continuous (S1) working system



5 Layer Corrugated Board Production Line 1800mm 250pcs Per / Min 0