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ML Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine With Adjustable Template

ML Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine With Adjustable Template

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    Adjustable Template corrugated die cutting machine


    ML Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine

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  • Condition
  • Name
    Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine
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    CE ISO
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    1 SET
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    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1 set per 30 days

ML Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine With Adjustable Template

ML Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine With Adjustable Template

Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine Description

Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine CE And ML
Equip with four insurance parts and four functions. The insurance part including gantry insurance, triangle insurance, hand shank insurance and automatic light-operated insurance to makes the machine safety and reliable. The brake clutch adopts electric suction plate brake clutch to keep the braking sensitive and reliable. Adjustable template makes the plate loading, unloading more easily. Disposition: Centralized oil supplying. Three functions including single piece pressing cutting, continuous pressing cutting and time-delay when start machine, the delay time can be adjusted.

Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine Heavy Model
1. The machinery specializes in the processing and production of all kinds of special-shaped products, all kinds of plastic sheets, automotive interior products, all kinds of leather, as well as all kinds of tongues, shirt collars, and can process all kinds of carton boxes, such as laminating products and Sticky.
2. The mechanical casting is the most advanced lost foam process casting in China. Through the artificial effective treatment process, the effect of never deforming is achieved, and the structure of the fuselage frame is improved to make it stronger, completely overcoming the thickness of the old process casting. Uneven, the disadvantage of mechanical deformation caused by force deformation.
3. The shaft and gear of this machine are Laigang 40rL heat-treating material, the gear adopts high-precision large spiral angle gear, and the angular displacement design makes it better in occlusion performance and higher strength. The performance is more stable and the noise is lower during operation.
4.The machine castings reach HT250 type material, the key components are 700-2, shaving finishing gears, connecting rod QT500-7.
5. The machine has a large cutting force and the opening angle is not less than 160 degrees, which makes the operation safer and more convenient.
6.The machine brake sensitive, four safety insurance, handlebar insurance, photoelectric insurance, gantry insurance, triangle insurance, to ensure safe and reliable, centralized fuel supply system.
7. The bearing of this machine adopts Harbin bearing.
8. The machine contactor, the circuit breaker is imported from France, Schneider Electric,famouse brand menniu motor.
9.The bushing of the machine is made of wear-resistant alloy ZCuZn40Pb2, and there is absolutely no counterfeiting.
10. The appearance of the paint is made of automotive special paint, beautiful and lasting.



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