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Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW

Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW

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    Automatic stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine


    Automatic stacker Pizza Box Making Machine


    Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine 1.5KW

  • Voltage
    380V,380V/220V,220V/380V,380V(or Customization),220V
  • Weight
    3000kg,400-1000 Kg,4500kg,500kgs To 1500kgs,Custom
  • Condition
  • Dimension(l*w*h)
  • Type
    Die-cutting Machine
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Computerized
  • Name
    Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1 set 40per days

Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW

Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW


Production Description


This automatic Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine manipulator equipment was continuously developed by the scientific and technical personnel of our company through repeated tests.The product is simple in structure, low in cost, fast in operation, convenient in operation, saves labor costs and delivers paper accurately.Make the carton put very little money to have the configuration and function of automatic flattening die cutting machine. The advent of the boxing machine manipulator makes the ordinary carton machine has the automatic feeding performance of the high speed machine, and is the ideal feeding mechanism for the carton machine.





Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine Production Details


1. The main wall plate and main frame of the machine frame are connected with 100X50 square pipe. The structure is reasonable and durable.
2. Most of the transmission shaft adopts linear optical axis.
3. Gears quenched with 45# steel, durable wear-resistant.
4. The suction nozzle adopts a special suction nozzle for a flat pressure die-cutting machine, so the suction force is large and the suction paper is stable.
5. The vacuum pump adopts 140B oil-free vacuum pump and the gas pipe uses 16mm gas pipe, which provides guarantee for normal operation of the suction nozzle.
6. Suction nozzle action time control valve adopts our newly developed adjustable time cam control valve, which has reasonable structure, firmness and durability, is not afraid of dust, and has large ventilation volume, which greatly exceeds the rotary divider valve The performance of the) is intended to compensate for the defects of the rotary manifold.


Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine Main Function Introduction


1.The machine power is taken directly from the boxing machine and runs synchronously with the boxing machine.
2.The machine is simple in structure and easy to adjust.
3.Electronic counters count for easy counting.
4.Bells are used to alert the user when the device is turned on to increase the safety warning.
5.When the cardboard is fed into the boxing machine, the cardboard is corrected by the movable side gauge, which improves the accuracy of the feeding.

6. The paper feeding section is mainly used for stacking cardboard and adjusting the position of the cardboard.
7. The paper feed
section puts the cardboard of the paper feed section into the cassette machine and corrects the position.
8. The paper discharge
section ejects the jammed paperboard onto the conveyor belt.
9.The paper conveyor conveys the paperboard out of the guardrail.
10.The vacuum pump provides suction for the robot suction nozzle.
11.The safety fence encloses the machine's work area to prevent people from entering the hazardous area.




Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine Main Parameter


Machine Model

Auto Feeder Max Size

Min Size



















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We are a professional supplier of corrugated machinery,including automatic high speed flexo printer slotter die cutters,corrugated board production lines,Rotary die cutters, carton staplers and two ply corrugated board production lines.Along with our development,we have set up our own factories. We are now enlarging our product area to testing equipment and other kinds of packaging machinery.


Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW 0Automatic Stacker Corrugated Box Die Cutting Machine with 1.5KW 1