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CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine

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    plc paper cone making machine


    60pcs/min paper cone making machine


    touch paper tube making machine

  • Product Name
    Automatic Paper Cone Forming Making Machine
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    1 Year
  • After-sales Service Provided
    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Video Technical Support,Online Support,Field Installation,commissioning And Training
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    Any 3 Phase Voltage
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    50 Days
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    Shanghai Port
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    Cangzhou hebei
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    plastic ,Iron frame,wooden box
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    Western Union, MoneyGram, D/P, T/T, D/A, L/C
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    4sets per month

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min PLC Paper Cone Paper Tube Making Machine Paper cone production line​


  Winding machine Drying machine After-treatment grinding machine
Paper cone kind All kinds All kinds  All kinds
Power 12kw 3.3+18=21.3kw 7.25kw
Overall dimension  5850*2000*2100mm 7900*3000*1040 2150*2710*1430
Weight 4000kg 2500kg 1500kg
Speed 55-60pcs/min 55-60pcs/min 55-60pcs/min
Need workers One None One

1.CWM-1300CN Automatic paper cone winding machine

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine 0

Automatic digital control paper cone machine apply newest technology, The machine equip PLC, Simplified the production process,improve the service life of the parts,It also increases the stability of the same reduce operator maintenance of machinery.


一,Improved benefits

(1)It can greatly improve production capacity to 55-60pcs per minute.

(2)It improves ratio of material,it shorten the original paper feeding spacing of 255mm to 240mm and every ton can add to a thousand paper cone.

(3)cutter is better,two side of paper have glue,so paper cone is wet better and more hard.

(4)After improving production technology, can greatly improve the production environment, reduce production cost, for paper tube production enterprise in market competition to get a seat.

Main technical parameters:

  • Rated production capacity: 55-60 pieces per min

2. Applicable paper tube: Various paper cone

3. Installed electricity capacity: 12KW for paper cone winding machine

4. Matched air compressor (prepared by user): 0.99mpa-1.5m³

5. Machine’s overall dimensions (main machine): 5850*2000*2100mm

6. Machine’s weight (gross weight): 4000KG

7. Operator: One

2.CWM-1300D type fully automatic drying machine

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine 1


Uses and features:

1. This fully automatic dryer is mainly to match the fully automatic tube coiling machine. The semi-finished paper bobbin coiled by tube coiling machine set is automatically and synchronously inserted on the dryer conveying chains and conveyed to drying chamber for drying. After 34-26mins, paper bobbin is delivered out from drying box. The paper bobbins are automatically taken and inserted into strings by counting without manual operation. The heater has automatic temperature control. This dryer can contain 1450 paper bobbins and the drying time is 34-36mins.

2. This dryer adopts channel steel machine frame, customized chains andCE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine 2

chain wheels. Spring with high accuracy is adopted for inserted paper bobbin positioning and heat retaining panels are used for the four sides. Main machine use the geared motor to drive chains for conveying and drying.

3. The electrical heating and steam heating can be adopted inside drying box. The internal temperature can be shown by instrument (chosen by user). Control temperature and heating mode automatically as needed. For electrical heating, use the electrical heated tube heating in three sets with every set of 6KW and 18KW in total. High pressure air blower blow the air,give the hot wind inside, can ensure automatic temperature control with low energy consumption and good overall efficiency.


Main technical parameters:

1. Shipping method Using custom chain

2. Heating preparation The hot blast stove

3. Product All kinds of paper cone

4. Capacity 55-60pcs/min

5. Electricity power Motor 3.3kw,heating wire 18kw

6. Overall dimensions 7900*3000*1040mm

7. Gross weight 2500KG

8. Operator None


3.CWM-1300H type fully automatic after-treatment grinding machine

CE Automatic 60pcs/Min Plc Paper Cone Making Machine 3


Our company is aiming at the production line of automatic pagoda tube after the processing. After the original Korean production process, using 12 mold gripping methods, it is now changed to single mold grip, using new technology, new technology and high-tech materials, and the design structure is reasonable. And use pneumatic originals and photoelectric and mechanical transmission as one. The process structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the production speed is fast, and the biggest advantage is that the product quality is greatly improved.

This post-processing production line, designed for rail feeding, has a stable feature. A single-axis mold grip is used. In order to solve the flatness of the paper tube, the length is the same, and the pressure line is positioned at the large mouth at the same time while holding the head. The pressure line is clear and the dimensions are the same, and the V-shaped opening is cut at the same time. The biggest advantage is that the surface of the paper tube produced by the machine is evenly and clearly drawn, and the positioning of the hair is uniform. The produced paper tube can exceed the quality of the paper tube produced by Kangfeng. The quality and appearance of the finished paper tube produced by the process can be said to be Leading level at home and abroad.

The features are: adopting track tube feeding, single mould head grip,simultaneous line press, using high strength alloy metal abrasive cloth for napping, stable mechanical operation, low noise, long use life.

Focus on the features of full and even head grip, consistent length, distinct line press napping, smooth and good-looking small head grip, quick operation and low noise.

At the same time, our technical team and foreign technicians jointly researched and developed an updated all-computer automatic production line to develop innovative equipment with the latest technology. We are not afraid of counterfeiting. We have created leading technology to serve the majority of manufacturers of paper tube products and create great cause.

Main technical parameters:

1. Production capacity 55-60pcs/min

2. Product All kinds of paper cone

3. Electricity power 7.25KW

4. Overall dimensions 2150*2710*1430mm

5. Gross weight 1500KG

6. Operator One person


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