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Paper Cutting Cardboard 300gsm Corrugated Box Die Punching Machine

Paper Cutting Cardboard 300gsm Corrugated Box Die Punching Machine

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    300gsm corrugated box die punching machine


    300gsm corrugated box punching machine


    SGS corrugated box die punching machine

  • Machine Speed
  • Machine Name
    Die Punching Machine For Paper Cardboard
  • Motor Brand
    China Or Imported
  • Oil System
  • Feed Type
    Automatic Feeding
  • Size
  • Cardboard Weight
    Over 300gsm
  • Material
    Cardboard And Corrugated Paperboard
  • Keyword
    Machine For Cutting Cardboard
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case ,wire stand
  • Delivery Time
    30days after getting deposit
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, D/P, T/T, D/A
  • Supply Ability
    30sets per month

Paper Cutting Cardboard 300gsm Corrugated Box Die Punching Machine



1. The paper feeding section is mainly used for stacking cardboard and adjusting the position of the cardboard.

2. The paper feed section puts the cardboard of the paper feed section into the cassette machine and corrects the position.

        3. The paper discharge section ejects the jammed paperboard onto the conveyor belt.

4.The paper conveyor conveys the paperboard out of the guardrail.

5.The vacuum pump provides suction for the robot suction nozzle.

        6. The safety fence encloses the machine's work area to prevent people from entering the hazardous area.

  1. The main wall plate and main frame of the machine frame are connected with 100X50 square pipe. The structure is reasonable and   durable.

   2. Most of the transmission shaft adopts linear optical axis

    3. Gears quenched with 45# steel, durable wear-resistant

   4. The suction nozzle adopts a special suction nozzle for a flat pressure die-cutting machine, so the suction force is large and the suction      paper is stable.

5. The vacuum pump adopts 140B oil-free vacuum pump and the gas pipe uses 16mm gas pipe, which provides guarantee for normal    operation of the suction nozzle.





Max,Rule Area








Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)

PYQ401C 750×520mm 28±2(strokes/min) 2.2kw 2000kg 1260×1350×1280mm
PYQ203D 930×670mm 23±2(strokes/min) 4.0kw 3000kg 1670×1670×1630mm
ML1100 1100×800mm 20±2(strokes/min) 5.5kw 4500kg 1900×1800×1700mm
ML1200 1200×830mm 20±2(strokes/min) 5.5kw 4800kg 1900×2000×1700mm
ML1300 1300×920mm 18±2(strokes/min) 5.5kw 5500kg 2000×2400×1800mm
ML1400 1400×1000mm 18±2(strokes/min) 5.5kw 6000kg 2400*2000*1800mm
ML1500 1500×1050mm 18±2(strokes/min) 5.5kw 7000kg 2000×2500×1930mm
ML1600 1600×1250mm 16±2(strokes/min) 11kw 11000kg 2170×2560×2230mm
ML1800 1800×1300mm 16±2(strokes/min) 15kw 13500kg 2240×2800×2130mm


Paper Cutting Cardboard 300gsm Corrugated Box Die Punching Machine 0