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Automatic 5 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line White Color Machine

Automatic 5 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line White Color Machine

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    5 ply cardboard


    corrugated cardboard production line

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    Automatic 5 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line White Color Machine
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    Corrugated Board Production Line
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    1 Year Warranty
  • Speed
    60-80 M/min
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    China Hebei
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    1 Set
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    Wrapped in plastic film and placed in wooden box
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    7-9 work days
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    L/C, T/T
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    1 set 40-60 per days

Automatic 5 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line White Color Machine

Automatic 5 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line White Color Machine


Basic structure:
5, the edge machine: 1 set
The opposite side machine consists of a 4-layer frame, a paper guide roller with a 104mm chrome-plated roller, a center swing roller diameter of 86mm, a pair of side systems using a hydraulic oil and gas station, and a transmission device.
The main function of the edge machine is: automatic control of the edge, alignment, and edge error: ± 1mm.
6, four online: 1 set
The four wires are composed of four hot rollers with a diameter of 400 mm and a frame, a paper guide roller, a heating device, a distance device, a transmission device and the like.
The heating device is temporarily designed as an electric heating device.
The guide roller has a diameter of 86 mm.
The surface of the heated roll is ground and hard chrome plated.
The temperature of the surface of the heat roller is made uniform. The water content of the base paper before entering the glue applicator is basically the same.
7. Gluing machine: 1 set
The coating machine has three sets of glue coating devices, which are driven separately. The transmission motor is 3 sets of 2.2KW, and the frequency conversion motor is regulated. The specific structure is that the rubberizing roller has a diameter of 215 mm, the surface is ground and processed, and the mesh is pressed, which is advantageous for uniformly feeding the rubber to the rubberizing roller to make the rubber coating uniform.
The rubberizing roller and the rubberizing roller are provided with an adjusting mechanism to effectively control the amount of glue, so that the coating amount of the machine is more uniform and reliable. The platen shaft is provided with a pneumatic adjustment device.
The other paper guide rollers are all plated with hard chrome to prevent corrosion of the rubber surface.
8, bonding machine: 1
The machine is composed of upper and lower rubber rollers, pressing device, transmission device, frame device and the like.
The machine is a device in which the glued paper sheets are bonded together, and the pressure can be appropriately adjusted according to the type of the paper and the relevant conditions.
The diameter of the upper and lower rubber rolls is set to 400 mm, and the wall thickness of the roll body is 20 mm, which prevents deformation of the roll body during pressurization.
9, dryer: 1 set
The dryer is provided with 5 meters and 5 sets of electric heating and drying devices. The drying roller has a diameter of 240 mm, and the surface is plated with hard chrome and pneumatically pressurized.




Design speed:100m/min Normal work speed:60-80m/min
No. Machine name Qty     Remarks
1 Mill roll stand 5     Electric swing
2 Railing and tracks 10      
3 Single facer 2     Corrugating roller ¢280mm, electric adjust gluing width, pneumatic control
4 Pre-heater 2     ¢600mm, electric adjust wrapping angle
5 Pre-conditioner 2     ¢600mm electric adjust wrapping angle
6 Bridge conveyer 1     Adsorption type, electric deviation-correcting
7 Triplex pre-heater 1     ¢600mm electric adjust wrapping angle
8 Gluing machine 1     Pneumatic adjust pressing roller
9 Double facer 1     Heating plants: 520mm×16, with cooling section
10 Slitter scorer 1     5 blades with 8 scorers
11 NC cutoff 1     Helical knives Blade made in Taiwan
12 Cardboard feeing machine 1      
13 Main drive 1      
14 Glue making system 1     Automatic circle glue, pipeline provided by buyer
15 Electric system 1      
16 Steam system 1     Pipeline on valves provided by buyer
17 Pneumatic system 1      

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