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Inject Automatic Die Cutting Machine Motor Corrugated Carton Paper Waste Stripper

Inject Automatic Die Cutting Machine Motor Corrugated Carton Paper Waste Stripper

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    waste stripping machine


    carton waste stripping machine

  • Name
    Carton Waste
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Usage
    Waste Paper
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  • Keyword
    Carton Stripper
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  • Place of Origin
    Hebei Province, China
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  • Certification
    CE ISO
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  • Packaging Details
    in skin , in carton , in wooden
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    30 set per month

Inject Automatic Die Cutting Machine Motor Corrugated Carton Paper Waste Stripper

Manual Pneumatic Motor Carton Paper Waste Stripper , die cut machine
This scrapping machine is suitable for the waste edge removal of cardboard, fine corrugated and ordinary corrugated paper in the printing industry. Applicable paper range: 200g/ m2 or more cardboard, gray cardboard, single/double pit paper, pitted paper
Instructions for use
1. Pneumatic tools are not maintained in maintenance.
2. Pneumatic stripping machine is different from other pneumatic tools. After one week of running-in period, and keep the chain and sprocket unimpeded sliding at any time, add a few drops of gear oil to the chain every half working day to reduce friction. Extend its use time.
3. First make sure that the machine is connected to the gas source to ensure that the air pressure is 6-8 kg, and the air pipe is required to work at 8*12M/M.
4. Before the air pressure is not opened, drive the chain by hand, whether it can roll freely, otherwise it can't be used. After adjusting the direction of the paper-cutting machine, fix the locking screw 38#. Make it unable to swing.
5. Open the slide switch 01#. or the front pressure regulator to the maximum before working.
6. Inject professional pneumatic tool oil from the air inlet to lubricate the motor.
7. Press the platen 3# during work to start working.
8. Every day before and after work, be sure to drop three to four drops of special oil for pneumatic tools from the air inlet and idle for 2-3 seconds.
(1) The waste disposal machine is a very efficient manual waste disposal equipment, and the waste removal efficiency is improved by nearly 10 times. It takes 3 hours for manual waste disposal, and 10-30 minutes for machine scrapping can be completed, which greatly shortens the delivery period;
(2) The scrapping machine is compact in structure and has the same weight as the common portable sanding machine. It is very convenient to use, and the male and female employees can operate after simple training;
(3) It will not damage the bonding parts during the stripping, and improve the efficiency of the subsequent process (gluing box/automatic packaging);
(4) The power source of the blanking machine adopts a pneumatic motor, and there is no problem that the carbon brush is easy to be broken like an ordinary portable sander, and the safety is good, and the equipment has a long service life;
(5) The tooth chain of the scrapping machine is treated with high-strength alloy steel through heat treatment process, the hardness is extremely high, the wear resistance is strong, the service life is long, and the replacement is convenient;
(6) Reducing work-related injuries and the resulting compensation costs. Such as the wrist, back, shoulder injury and repeated operation



Air cons

Air pressure

hose size

KS2590S small teeth 2500 12 6-8 8x12 4.0
KS2536 middle teeth 2500 12 6-8 8x12 4.0
KS2536L large teeth 2500 12 6-8 8x12 4.0
KS2190S small teeth 2100 12 6-8 8x12 4.5
KS2136 middle teeth 2100 12 6-8 8x12 4.5
KS2136L large teeth 2100 12 6-8 8x12 4.5

Inject Automatic Die Cutting Machine Motor Corrugated Carton Paper Waste Stripper 0